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Hospice Regulatory and QAPI Manuals


Manuals are personalized with the name of the hospice and easily edited to individualize to the specific hospice program.  Manuals are provided in both a hard copy and a CD.

  • To see samples of Policy and Procedure Manuals, please click here.
Bereavement Program:
  • Letters and bereavement materials for mailing
  • Policies and Procedures
Caregiver Education Materials:
  • Forms for documentation of education
  • Hospice staff education lesson plans
  • Medication teaching handouts
  • Specific problem/symptom handouts to be left with patient/caregiver
Emergency Management and Safety Manual:
  • Can be further personalized by the client
  • Comes with local resource information revised for the client’s geographic location
  • Reflects JCAHO and OSHA standards
Employee Orientation and Training:
  • Learning activities and exercises
  • Lesson Plans
  • Organized in 25 modules for self-learning or instructor use
  • Power point presentations for each module
  • Pre and Post Tests
  • References and AV recommendations
Hospice Care in the Nursing Facility:
  • Based on hospice regulations
  • Educates both hospice and facility staff
  • Policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Refers to current SNF regulations
Hospice Policies and Procedures:
  • Based on State licensure requirements, Medicare Conditions of Participation and Joint Commission Acc
  • Numbering system is simple and allows for adding policies as needed
  • Policies are cross-referenced to the applicable standards
  • Specific policies are adapted based on the State where the purchaser is licensed
Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Program:
  • Audit forms
  • Educational Information
  • Policies and Procedures
  • QAPI Plan
  • Samples, Satisfaction Tools
Volunteer Program:
  • Job descriptions, sample forms
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Recommendations for recruitment, training and retention
Volunteer Training:
  • Exercises, assignments and handouts
  • Modules with lesson plans
  • References and AV and book recommendations
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